Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick quick prepare those ornaments before Christmas is here!

Hoooorayyy! It's December, I love December for 3 reason : Christmas, Holiday and L's birthday. Can't wait till all that exciting moments come knocking on my door! Before hand, November was a nice and memorable one too I have not been updating much bout November, for all the choo-choo train assignments, editing and many more. Anyhoo, I'll sum up the important dates that I've went through!

Felicia and Michel's wedding

Best wishes to this new couple!

Celebrated L's mom birthday..and this is what I've specially made for her...

Chocolate Fudge with Walnut! Well done Sab*Claps*

Not forgetting me involving in this year Christmas Drama (The Messiah), PR team much preparation to be done! But I'm enjoying every second and moment serving. Good job to PR team working smart!

Before the excitement part where I've been long awaited since 2005  Family Camp...Project comes first!

Balloons and colors!! We always make our assignment extraordinary!

Sab (photographer & producer) , Yue (Director) , and Jess (Cast)

The photographer & producer is burning under the hot sun early in the morning, and all I got is SUNBURN!!

our visitor of the day : BOBBY! very obedient doggie.

and yahooo Awana here I come! Nah, the celebration is not for me but...

dear Machi, Shu Chin. A heart that is willing to serve Christ wholeheartedly! Happy Birthday!!

after all the awesome days in family camp, I'm renewed and Hola to new Sabrina! :) It was a relaxing camp, and I'm glad the bond between people are getting better, of course it's the miracle work of Jesus Christ! Amen!

Sunday, Thanksgiving dinner. Sister in the house Dot!! We serve because we love!

Stay tune for my production!




Felicia said...

Thanks sabrina and leonard for helping us on that nite. muacksss

sabrina chng said...

No problem darling Feli :)