Monday, April 19, 2010

Secret Garden

Weekend was a blast, but this post will be on Sunday evening before sunset me and L headed to OU meeting up with others for a birthday celebration. After one long week I've waited alas I manage to have time with Leonard! I thank God for always giving me patient to wait till weekend comes. I always wonder why does weekend happen to be so short ( ans:something better then nothing), nevertheless I'm still thankful!

After a long noisy-busy city life I love to spend my weekend quietly, especially just spare sometime talking to Leonard catch up with life, share things we've gone through. Marvelous! We spotted a place in OU known as the Secret Garden, I'm aware of this place but I always have this thought in mind that it would be another normal garden full of moss and eeky-wicky stuff. When we headed to rooftop ooohhh it was really a secret garden. A perfect gateway!

With the man made misty water breeze, and perfect length to adjust your vision on those pretty plan and flowers, simply brightens up my day. Mini waterfall, benches and plan that you haven't expect to be seen in our country --all in one!
I'm a happy person! ;)

The special leave that Jesus Christ has made to bloom my day!
Yes I'm a hungry person!
oohh when I saw these I was like OMG!
My bf said I'm cute :P

random thought that it looks like an ice-cream good for a sunny day! Hearts!

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