Monday, November 1, 2010

Devoted to EAT PRY LOVE

Finally weekend went by, guess what I've been working from 7am-6pm non stop for both Sat and Sun it was TIRING! But I'm glad I get to serve the community, it was ntv7 largest on-ground event--Yuan Carnival. I'm feeling fat because I've been stuffing good food to my face, the roasted pork booth is just next to me and I have no reason to not try it. It was oh-so mouth watering! Besides all the work we have to do, we had fun together especially with my colleague and also some DJ. Keven Cheng's appearance that makes the crowd went crazy following by a few line-ups with our in-house artist. Two days went by..and finally I'm home! It's been good being home.

I left home on Friday morning,I was so angry when I find out I forgot to bring my book out with me, I was literally angry in the car to late to turn back,before I'm late to work.I'm having a book off today and I'm planning to do something nice, to pamper myself a lil reading and loitering around home. It's been a crazy October, but I had great fun welcome November today and for the following months I've blocked many dates for work and church. I've been loving my life like that but I would like to increase a lil expecting more in life, would not want to stop at this point of life. I'm glad this month I'm attending a good event from Women's weekely, I hope it will turn out good! :) I wish I could post a few pictures here regarding the Yuan Carnival but I have not get any pictures. Well there are more to come so don't worry I will make sure you are updated!

take care readers! xoxo

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