Friday, November 19, 2010


A very not welcoming title cause I really want to SMACK-FLAT-SMASH potato YOU! I know what you have in mind now, why potato huh?! You remember the potato head we saw in Toy Story from 1-3? Shoooo clumsy and cute! The part I love most is when he jumble up his eye,nose,mouth and mustache or whatever he have on his potato body! The whole point of smacking it is because how I wish I could smash and smack those who threw sh*t on me! I'm not taking this personally, but the entire office have this sh*t at least once in their life working with her! I really beh tahan! Okay I admit my hokkien, powderful england will blurt our when I'm speechless! So yeh this post is to smack something on this blog face! :P

.....or something just see whatever you are doing, and not put the blame on me!

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