Saturday, November 6, 2010

Unveiling Love

Working back to back, not only that dedicated my weekends to work too. This is ain't healthy for me, I do not like to work during the weekends, but to say in another way if I were to excel in my job I need to do loads of meeting, especially with different people.

Last week I was in Yuan JinJang, we have hit 20k heads who visited us. As I've already spoke about it in my previous post, this time I will just post a lil picture.

my work station for 2 days, I got a allergy after work. Cause I attach the tags on my hand,and now I got rashes doctor claim that I have allergy to adhesive :(
DJ Wayne from One FM
The crowd!

Day 2 we have Fun Bike! There were almost 200 people join the fun!
My hooyeh BD team!
My coolest boss!
We do not only work under hot sun, but we are invited to top VIP's event too. Dinner with all inspiring women and hosts. This is the Event from Women's weekly, it was an inspiring night.
Sab and Shu
Before we left, WW wanted to give us a surprise and guess what each an every one of us get to bring home a U mama from OSIM. Isn't it a cool pressie, Elaine Kwong (Editor of WW) claim that every women deserve to pamper them self once in a while, what more with a WW mag and U mama. Thank you Women's Weekly! :)
"We are not Superwomen, we are a regular women who works HARD!"

This might be a long post, but I will keep you hype up ending with the opening of the long say of UNIQLO! I was there for the official opening, it was a bang! With all the crowd and media. Many where there since the night before and they are really insane for UNIQLO! But I was bless to be in the media team, I get to visit them as a VIP :)
DJ Ean from Hitz FM.

I did my shopping for the month! It was fun to be there, go UNIQLO! Me and bf loving it!

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