Friday, January 28, 2011

Back on track!

Hi Dolls! It's been a week that I have not really blogged about my weekend, especially last weekend was a blast I spend it well with my church buddies Like FINALLY! We held our first Vision Sharing for 2011, it kick off well despite the hot weather that is making use sleepy in a AC room! Nevertheless, the day ended well but the entire dinner was fantastic, the amount of food we stuffed into our face were unpredictable,and most of them are(maybe) air cause I've been laughing about all the lil' secret we were sharing that night. It was super hilarious and kinky!

Steaming and let's start our dinner! We were the only table surrounded by girls!
Not missing my BFF in life! Great time is to be spend together
Have a glimpse of our gang!

She is the "er hem" eldest amongst all!
My darling is in the house too! We love and Serve together!

Moving on, I've been joining a few marathon venues for this event and there will be more to come. Being in the committee for ntv7's Feel Good Run 2011 will have a criteria is run and observe the style of different organizing. I was bless to be in this job scope because this is something that I don't mind doing, at the same time I get to do some cardio to burn my calories! 2 in 1! Besides that, I love doing sports and I use to jog always but when I'm occupied by work then I've stop jogging but to does simple work-out at home. So this is the right time to do some jog, back on track!
27th January 2011
Feel Good Run 2011 1st Press Conference
Joseph and my dearie boss-- E Ling
Our opening was a gimmick,don't blame me for not having picture for you because I was in the gimmick! I was on news tv tho. We did a run to the stage! After the gimmick we have a few line-ups form Celebrity Fitness.
and this is the famous cheer team-- Pirates! I heard they were good, but it's okay for me.
People who work behind and in front the scene Joseph, Zher( emcee for the day) an Anepe. Shu my best buddy in Purple HouseI kinda LOVE this picture!

This Feel Good Run is in conjunction with our ntv7's 13th anniversary celebration! The Feel Good Channel is bringing you and your family together to experience the Feel Good Moment! This run will be an extraordinary run, 1st we are doing for charity, 2nd you get a chance to run with celebrities, 3rd first costume run in Malaysia. All these will be happening on the 3rd July 2011! To know more log on to our official website

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