Sunday, January 2, 2011


People say diva always have to live a life like diva! I'm living a life like diva in my way! 2010 when by, I was bless with favor from God last year, do scroll down to view my testimony and also my message from Heaven, God is good all the time He never left me alone when I sometime does(my bad). This year about, I'm looking forward to different things and expectation especially aligning with church vision TRANSFORMATION! I want to transform a few things in life, things that I haven't thought or done before ,it's the time to embrace the goodness in me!

I will continue to be the blessings to others, and bless those who need. Let the pass be the past, but 2010 marks a year of BIG FAVOR ISM from God! I can't describe by words, it's unbelievable! Thank you Heavenly dada!

Rewind a lil' on 29th December 2010, Leonard turn 24! We had a simple dinner, a dinner that marks down another memorylane that we have walked through. Our very first time celebrating birthday when both us are working,I can only say it actually seems different to me(not too sure about him) but one thing I know he had a blast although I did not put up cakes and well dine-in, he is just a simple guy who leads a simple life, no fancy-bo bency! More to come...
just wanna grow old with you!
Once again Happy Birthday Yih!

Moving on we are already on a mod-off status in work place, nothing much we can do but only to spend nonsense time doing nonsense! Looking forward to the weekend, it seems like just a second a way from year 2010 to 2011! I tried looking for the right gift to my cell members, up and down for 14 people I can't find any but to rejuvenate my love on a&c!Therefore, I've been preparing a lil art& craft for my cell members, and I'm glad that they actually love it! I've made it one by one with my prayer with them, a bookmark with name and bible scripture for them to kick start their year ahead! Nothing is better then the things I can find in the malls.
Peek-a-boo on my work for my lil guardian angels!

Last day of 2010 I met up with the Tan's for brunch+lunch+dinner. All in one most of all I met baby Hannah after long time. She has grown up much, thank God!Isn't she a cutie? I love her much!

Last but not least night were spend in church with a awesome countdown as a keyboardist! Happy to serve and love at the same time! I'm sure each and everyone had a blast! Happy New Year, may God bless your day with all good things in life! Jesus loves you!

Topping up with this pink-twinkle pony! It's actually from my boss, she think I might love it that's why she sent it to me, so adorable is it?
Topping up a cherry on top of my 2010!

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