Sunday, March 16, 2008

14 March 2008

It's my birthday...

Yeah, when the clock strike to 12am my babe is already in front of my house!And, I got my first birthday wish and present!

of course, my love one understand me HE knows I love this "toy"

My LOMO! thank you so much! 

Early morning dress up like an ranger,gear up to Zoo before that I had class...

This is from Joy and Foo Joe... 

Of course My Yue gave me....this sushi I had this in Zoo!lovely!

Zoo Negara here I come!Birthday girl FREE entrence!

This is Tapir

....check out the word SHY CREATURE!

Check this out how shy it is,and is the only one!sad case.

So well, this couple had an funny zoo trip,

we saw all kind of funny things.

TIGER went wild.

Flamingo went PINK!!!(SPOT it yourself)

Otter...if not mistaken the name of it.

Bear....Honey bear???not sure.


I hate this the most!Babi hutan. Super smelly and dirty.

Lomo time!Will develop it asap so will share in my blog=)

BIG fish.


thanks for making my day wonderful =)

Phew after long waited I had my cake.thanks Lea Yee!

after dinner we had supper. This is what we had for a birthday girl when u use up to rm30 then will have this big TEA!

Machi (shuChin),Me, and Lea Yee!

Ben, me and Jerry.


My Presents for my 20th birthday!

 Lastly I would like to say thanks to all of you that wishes me=)

Really glad to have all the blessing and wishes!thank you abundantly! I'm very happy to have all the wishes!

Thanks for all the present and surprise!

*thanks baby,thanks for all the surprise and time you have plan for me and I really had a great day with you although it was tire but you made my DAY!Glad to have you around and I thank God for having all my lovely family and friend with me!Thank You I appreciate all!* 



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