Friday, March 14, 2008

Before My Birthday!

feeling the happiness in me before my birthday=)

so yea,today I went to New Jusco with mom,had lunch at Lavender it was a great first birthday meal!


oh well I had a few birthday present before my birthday!

My lovely Roxy it! Thanks babe.

*Viola* this is what mom gave me for my 20th birthday,I'm really glad to have this cause I wanted one since hmmm...Dec'07=)

thank you mom,thank for giving me what I want and thanks for bringing me to this world and gave me tonnes of happiness,and thanks for being with me.I'm so sorry if I ever did anything that makes you sad.I promise to learn for my mistake and never repeat it again.Once again, thank You Jesus for giving such a wonderful mommy!I will appreciate everything from my bottom of my heart.

Words may Hurt,Sorry May Heal!


allie said...

happy birthday, pretty girl! (: *huuugs. you and your mum really look alike lah. ;b

jesslyn said...

hey girl!

happy belated birthday ohh!~

bet u had the bes 20th bday! HEHE.

god bless~

see you!


sabrina chng said...

S: thanks to you both!Allie~that's call like mother like daughter=) MuaxxX!