Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brithday wishlist.

People asking me what expectation I would have this year ,well....let it be a nice one then I'm satisfy=) But still...every girl do have a wish list in their mind...haha~so am I!

  1. Roxy handbeg...50% discount super cheap and nice.

  2. A Guess/ DKNY watch

  3. I would like to change my HANDPHONE (Sony Ericson or Nokia)

  4. A Puma shoe (Dark blue and Red)

  5. Colorful Laptop Beg

  6. Perfume (I'm mot sure the brand's name,I don't mind you asking me haha)

  7. Book (Why is Flamingo pink?)

  8. Le Coq Sportif slig beg....wooohooo=)

I think this is what I want for NOW haha~Hmmm...I think last year my lovely,friend give me all I want, and those were lovely with the surprise party=) Love you all...but this year am not expecting anything,but just to list this so that you all need not to brain storm!haha~see I love you all. God Bless while shopping...haha~

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