Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's been a week.....

No,I should say it's been long time that WE did not manage to chat and say good night happily, just because of all the random pressure that WE both are facing. Anyhow, God just make us walk thru all these hard time and I really thank YOU for listening to me, and you know me like how I know myself. Sometimes arguement just simply makes us know each another more.I accept the way you accpet me!
When things happen you're right beside of me...
When things happen you'll never fail to lift me UP!
And when you needed me, babe...let me tell you "I'M JUST RIGHT BESIDE U!"
LOVE YOU to the MAX!

*touch up*
we serve in youth service for the FIRST time together!
& we serve because we LOVE!

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