Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recently Into....

These lovely things...

yeah...PSP If I don't want to change my mobile phone I will plan to buy this RM 750 with 4G's man, I will just treat this as my Ipod. Really nice=)

This SEXY look FCUK shades...I forgot to list this in my birthday wish list tho=) having 50%.Hmm...will ask mom for this.

Once again, my dream come true.Mom bought this last Sunday 9/3/08. I can bake now,always wish to bake but I don't have an oven now I have one and I can bake all I can, although is small but I don't mind I still can bake cupcakes!wooohoo!

Ahhhh...this is to update that I just bought this new goggles I love it so much because is SPEEDO! Best brand for swimmers. Praise the Lord this is on 50% discount too! Jesus loves me=)

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