Friday, April 4, 2008

Interview with Daphne Iking.

Interviewing with Daphne Iking for your information (meaning people that don't know who is she) she is a TV host,hosting some breakfast show.I think she is quite well known if you watched tv3 or ntv7,because me kinda blur ASTRO freak ;) so I did not know her when i went to see her the first time after she gave birth=) Then I told Yue bout this women, she's like huh Daphne Iking there the breakfast show bla bla bla....erm...*blur* anyways, so yea..I know her and thank God so much because in our interviewing class we need to interview someone that is well known,aha~see God always bless me.

Yesterday I had the interview at hers place,and it was fun!haha~you will love her if you see her in person. Isobel Daniella, hers baby girl, she look so much different form the first time I saw her!

And here are some pictures, that we took after interview=)

Daphne says she's not feeling well,this 2 "JAKUN" went to get some fruits in Taipan.haha~after choosing here and there,MISSION ACCOMPLISH!

me driving in Yue's car.

Me and this lovely women!Daphne :)

After the interviewing me and Yue went to One Utama for food and to hunt for some stuff we needed.

She looks tire,because she's HUNGRY!

ABC for the sunny day!

Emperor noodle.

Sambal Fried Rice.

After this lovely meal,we head to look for our stuff...

Mission not accomplish,but it's ok there will be part II!

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