Friday, April 18, 2008



I know I should not be blogging here, being bad me.My Uncle from UK came and he going off today it was a great 3 weeks having him around! I know I've been a bad girl for not updating, firstly FINALS around, and I had fever for one week, and then 2 days of allergy (am NOT sure why) but it was a horrible week for me last week, for most I'm home alone while I'm sick but I did pray to God, nothing happen I was so disappointed, besides all these horrible thing happen to me my next door doing a major renovation and it's so irritating with all the noise, and I'm so sick that I don't even have the energy to go college or even drive out for a meal. dah-lah.It was so bad! But I think I still can praise the Lord because I always have someone to take care of me, and he always reminds me something when I'm so weak, pray to God He wants you to LEARN something from these. ok.

this is Aaron Wong!my cousin.

his friend Ollie!

When I was sick, I went to Sushi and KTV. Because my lovely friend Chemmy's birthday, it was bit quite because the noisy QUEEN sick so no point!haha~anyways happy birthday Chemmy!

My cousin from UK came Aaron my cousin and Ollie my cousin's friend. Went to Genting with them and hmmm on a tuesday, you can't imagine how death can Genting be when you don't have your gang there. I did nothing much, but slept at 10.30 catch Ugly Betty 2 and Desperate house Wife.BORED to death! that 2 guy went out but I being so death and tire don't bother to go out. My heart and thoughts were totally back at home because I feel so bad when I still not yet start studying, and finals around the corner! ish~poor me.The next day I went to theme park with Ollie it was LAME! to go theme park on a weekday and raining cats and dogs no point for paying and playing those horrible ride indoor! But overall, it was alright spend some time talking to Ollie.Still thank God for all these lovely time! *picture will be update soon sorry!

Note to self: study study study!

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