Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take a Break.



The Curve

After being a one week nerd, I thank God for having this dinner to distress. This time is with Leonard's family,purpose of eating dinner together just to celebrate his Pa's birthday.Of course!we have a great time talking and eating those delicious dishes! The "siu long pau" wow the soup hmm mm! and the fried rice..awesome!

:the people:

Obviously the lovebirds I =)

me and Leonard

the lovebirds II =)

Wai Loon and Joyce

lovebirds III *er hmm* NOPE! Grace and Kenneth the lovely siblings!

Me, Leonard and Uncle George and aka motherly AUNTIE!haha~

*Note: if you are hungry, I suggest not to scroll down!


The best fried rice!

this one cannot miss out!" siu long pau"!

after this wonderful dinner,carrying our big tummy for a walk=)

The most I love that night was spending time talking to my love one, and I know that we have to prepare for finals,and a lot more waiting for us to do.But one thing I always remember we are holding hands in hands setting our goal for future! Thank God abundantly for all the strength He gave us.Amen!

Can't for my Spring break!!!

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