Sunday, May 18, 2008

Draw me closer to You Lord!


it's your 20th birthday,and this time I didn't get to celebrate with you.But no worry I will plan one when college reopen.=) hope you have a memorable one this year!Hugs babe!

Last night we had a a4J thanks giving was really great!I cry so badly in God's presence..Holy Spirit fill me with loads and loads of energy that I would stand up again,but ONE thing...God took away that big thorn in my heart,I waited so long...and God told me don't worry,I saw that huge stone in your heart and now I will take it off with mercy! I kneel in front of God and say Jesus I love you more then everything,no one can replace You My God! Furthermore, I've been seeking for quit awhile about some problem...phew...last night that prayer gave me an your family like how you love Me (God).Thank you Jesus~Then I got a huge hug from Jesus,and I really open up myself in front of Him! That hug really means a lot to me and I want to have it everyday,because I want to experience Jesus love every single day in my life...

From now on the thorn in my heart disappear,the pain in me has taken away by God!A stronger heart in me,no more envy, no more jealousy,nothing is proud but an HUMBLE heart.I LOVE YOU Jesus,too awesome to spell it out....

I will love every single soul,and be the salt and light for Jesus Christ wherever I go.I want to be the blessing of others,and I won't forget the hard time that I'm not walking alone because I have You Jesus in my heart.

I'm still growing and learning.....Amen!

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