Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Genting Day.



Genting Highland

I've been waiting for today since finals,me,mom and Leonard, we went there just for food!Because they are having a package RM 42 include return ticket for bas and skyway and the best is you can choose either buffet lunch OR unlimited theme park ride.Previously I went to theme part with Ollie this time we went for the buffet!I will be going there AGAIN!yummylicious!!!!

In the bas,can't wait to EAT!!!

One-U----> Genting Skyway

Skyway---->Genting Highland

me and mom.

Me and my love one=)

Coffee Terrence

Started with salad

crazy for raisins

"Kaki Makan-Ku"

Japanese food...Udon

Chinese food....Ramen

see the expression in me,and you should know how delicious it is!

phew, it's DESSERTS=FAT time!!!


after all the food went out for a walk.....nice breeze+ nice people = PERFECT!

"Da Bai" & "xiao Bai" thank you Jesus!

see now you know who is the big bully in the house!

New mannequin in GENTING.

Tea break................

Strawberry Tart






Today we ended up with a smile,that I would like to thank God for this blissful day with nice people and nice food!

I enjoy your presence...

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Leonard said...

Hey!! It's such a one da ful and blessed day to have it with you!! it's simply awesome when you are around!! thanks for every single moment! i really appreciate it alot! i'm sure my life wouldn't be that without U!! lurvu!!