Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gua Tempurung Day.

Breaking record:
Sabrina conquered Gua Tempurung on 18/5/2008-19/5/2008

Day 1

Pull out from church and reach there around evening....journey was full of excitement and of course eating tit-bits!

Let's not talk so much about it,let the picture say...

short stop at Tapar(if I'm not mistaken the name)

the committee...SS-ing a.k.a Shock Sendiri=)

one stop-one guava

at last we reached our destination!!

after briefing and fully settle down,then we went to clean up....

me and Shu Chin

Camelia and Praise frying nuggets and fish balls....for dinner.

man's in action..

me and Niu a.k.a Alicia

Chin,Joyce, Niu and me

Wai Yee,Jolyn, Niu, Me,Grace, Chin and Mun

Mun & me

Soaking our leg in the cold river!!!

in my tent...Grace, Amy and me

see those sexy leg...I'm not sure why they all want to squeeze my tent,when the tent is so small and hot...

hmmm....and I know why me brought this small fan and I hang on top my tent.*credit to myself*

the love bird in Gua=) "FRIEND" Caleb Mok, this talented guy! Really funny and crazy when he's around.

Game Master in action....

What happen???the string that we used to hang towel broke and...see......

from a useful string becomes an skipping yeah....Sab's doing some exercise here...

this picture look so dramatic...

before dinner came whore time....

after dinner my lovely friend being the best aiming person to catch so many mosquitoes!

to be continued......

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