Saturday, May 3, 2008

Up up and away!

Yahooo!!!!!!Finals for Spring semester ended today and I'm super duper happy after all these while studying like a nerd=) But before that I sneaked out for Bata fashion show together with Yue...once psych paper is over then I'm relief.

Yes Bata a.k.a Malaysia brand!No no take another look with all the new designs and I'm sure you will love it.Even I myself can't wait to owe one cause nowadays Bata are generating into the new generation,it's about music,color,fashion and stylish..So do not hesitate to stop by your nearest Bata!;)

Here are some picture to proof it...*ignore those model kay, some are HOT,and for the ladies model..some abit off, cause the whole main point of this show is to establish the shoe NOT their face!



Mid Valley,29/4

bestie-ku =)

Emcee in the house Daphne Iking

I personally love this the most,and i should say Please don't stop the music.=)

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