Thursday, May 8, 2008

high and low...

Finally finals over,on my first holiday weekend I did not did much,but catch up Yue to Ikea we had meatballs yum yum!!These few days we are having prayer for 3days and I went only 2 days it was awesome,and I'm really glad God did miracle through this few days.Enjoyed the presence of God,the powerful prayer we did I see God anointed everyone!God open up His arm to hug everyone and Holy Spirit working in between us!Can't wait to see revival in Malaysia and my cell group of course MYSELF!

Yesterday,me and Leonard went to Mid Valley for Blessing Spree..we went to buy some give.Thank God we get to spend quality time after long waited,thank you so much for the day dear!It was totally great,we went to Jusco the playing machine area...first time in my life I'm sweating and heart rate went high...guess what??we play the basketball machine where you need to shot in the net to get points..highest score were 174 but both of us only manage to get 143-146.Good workout!*thumbs up*credit to myself,after eating Mc.D I did exercise ;) ahhh...did I mentioned Mc.D...there is a small booth in front of Mc.D, Big Mac Chant!

giving out FREE voucher to redeem a BIG Mac.Things you need to do,is do the Big Mac Chant within 4second,

"Two All-beef Petties,

special sauce,Lettuce,cheese,pickles,onions,

on a sesame seed bun."

Semagat me want to give a try,and I did it in 3.45sec then Leonard get 3.25sec.This proof that he might have longer tongue.haha~Anyway,we might do it again if we get to see this booth..because is worthy for a Big Mac!
Sorry if I ever hurt you,

God uses different way to test our patient,

therefore,I face it with FAITH!

I love you.

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