Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm so close forgetting my own name. I'm so in love once again,thank God for all the things we've been going through and now it is another stage of life.Monday,Leonard has just started his internship,working in a company that makes him feel bit under pressure.Hopefully he get to cope up with all the work load.May God bless you.*shine* for Jesus!!!Thanks for being with me when I need you.THANKS!!!:)

Wednesday,Ivy flying off to hers hometown and she is not coming back.I did not spend much time knowing this girl in church.After all,many things happen and our relationship became like best friends.It was like the last part of time where she's leaving and we only get so close and know each another more.When I was wondering....sometimes when I'm so use to my comfort zone,I tend to stand and stay in it,that is when I found out I've miss out those nice people in my life.Besides that,I really love when people open up their hearts and speak out with no doubt.

thats when.....God put me in a special place where I need to grow,with different circumstances.

I'm really sad when I know people around me,that I really cares fall into a path where they don't even know what are they doing.Being cruel in me I would say shut up and open up your ear!Blind blind blind!!!!we care about you.In another case,where I found out human are just being selfish.Talking about love,care,bla bla bla
all the things in the world,and you end up closing yourself in a corner and expect something special to happen.Come on,God give us everything filter it and understand, you still need to do it yourself with God's faith!I just want to see the real you,where God naturally made you!

I've learn something in camp,spend sometime go under God's feet.Be quiet.Going under the tree...speak to Him.I did it since camp,it's just marvelous that I enjoy so much.Besides being quiet in front of God,learn to be patient and calm down with attitude.Learn to listen.

Stop nagging about how bad life is,how things did not work like what you expected.It's"more then enough".I pray to God that one day you will understand.Do not take things for granted.

Turning,round and round........

no differences.

Jesus loves you!!!

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Leonard said...

Hey! Im so glad to see you are actually writing this man! i'm so touched by the words.. keep it up and i wanna say thanks, because always being there for me! lurvu so much! keep shining for JEsus in the Darkness! hugs.. muaks..

You've made my day!!