Wednesday, June 11, 2008


After the rain....that washes all my sorrows away.

Fresh morning scent thats makes me feel so good!I saw RAINBOW.God is with me=)

thank you Jesus!!!

Started with OB class...boring!!!!yet,I manage to concentrate,but when the clock almost strike to 12pm I'm all ready to go.

Today biology class.....

venue:Lab 11th floor

topic:how to use an MICROSCOPE!!*interesting*

Mr.Chong demonstrating how to use it.

and we have to draw out what we see.....aaarrrgghhhhh this is mine.;)

ended up my day with a SMILE because of YOU!Nothing will pull you down,keep it up!


Jesslyn said...

aiyerrrrr. not fairrr!
now bio so interesting edi wann.. ishh. can go lab & all...
the time i took it all theory only. sienzzzz! HAHAHA.
but anyways, have to retake... grrrrr*

sabrina chng said...

S:I told Ryan to let you know I'm taking this sem.But am not sure did he cause i promise to wait for u.I feel bad.This sem really interesting..take it in a short sem.and I'll show you more for our project=)

Jesslyn said...

yupp. he did tell me when i was in philippines. nahh its okay babe! i understand. LOL. i could not register for it also cuz payment to retake wasnt made. thats why lohhh. cause i registered my subj a day b4 i flew off to phil.. sad case nyerrrr. if i wait till short sem. i dono got any changes by then anot! dengggg! btw, how`re uu? have not been seeing you around in college.

sabrina chng said...

I know!It's been like half of the semester and I haven seen you around,because I only have class on Monday and Tues=) thats why.Anyhow,hope you are doing well babe!Do take care!Muah!

Jesslyn said...

yeah. tell me bout it!! wow only on monday & tuesday? soo nice. i got classes on monday, wed, thurs, fri.. LOL. maybe thats why i dont see u around this sem! LOL..

okiies. np! u tc too ya! mwahhh