Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You are what you are.

Looking at the time table for Summer semester...hmmm it's another semester Biology and Organizational Behavior.I'm still doing well for this few week.Bio class,you are what you eat...haha~recently I had fast food like EVERYDAY?so I'm not going to have any fast food for this month.NO.1bite,that causes loads of FATS!!say no more to fast food.So I decide to have this as my breakfast these few weeks....

am feeling healthy!

but thanks to aunt Jowyn she got me alot of nougats and Fredodo from Aussie...can't resist not eating=) but still under control;)

last week....

Bio class my lecturer gave us homework that we need to draw microscope,animal cell,plant cell and bacteria..with color and label it.

and my lec add on with "you can choose not to do,this is just for bonus mark." so me wondering am I the only "kiasu" person?haha~NOPE!half of the class people did the work=)

Awakening for Jesus (youth camp)


FGA church,KL

4th-7th June 2008

It was an eye opening event that I would say Jesus loves Malaysia,and one thing we know that we have to be unity for Jesus and miracles WILL happen in Malaysia...Revival in Malaysia and us.This few days I've learn a lot and I've seen so many souls saved...one of the night Pastor.Philip shared about his trip to hell,where God brought him there.That night was the night that I told God I love all the souls and I want them to be with Jesus,I don't want to see my friend missing when the day Jesus come.You'll never know when,because He will come like a theft.On that night 201 souls saved.I really don't know how to tell you the whole thing ,but I'll show you the video once I have it.

Of course,I have an good encounter with God.I love you Jesus...you are just so wonderful.the last day of the conference...God put me into place again but one thing He renewed my spirit with His love!Holy life for Jesus.Another important message I got,be close with Jesus make sure your voice are familiar in heaven,giving a cough God knows you are calling...but if you do not have a close relationship with God, when you called for God's help,your voice are not recognize.Secret place,a place where you and God!=) Street evangelism!!! It was great,I love doing it,is an breakthrough in me!

Throughout the day it was tiring and busy,because am the usher for that few days...although usher but I've learn how to be an professional one!Some people are just to hard to deal with,but with the love from Jesus I've made it!!!wooohoooo!!!!wiiiiiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Welcome team Leaders=)

usher team...98 of them.

everyday worship!!!ROCKS!!!

Ps Philip,sorry for the blur-ness will get a better one soon=)

me and bible!E-mail from God!!!

me,shu chin and mei mei


me,amy and Ivy

Joyce,me,Ivy and Leonard

Ivy the girl that is leaving really soon..we will miss you babe!

Hugable "Da Jie"!!!Thank for that day (you know what I mean!)

lea yee,Leonard and me

kong Hui,me and Jerry the professional team!!!

me and Niu=)

One Call.One Thing.God and God alone!

Today my Leonard,starting his internship,I pray that God will be with you every single day!All the best hon!

thanks darling,thanks for the hug that you gave me!I love you!


barbieding said...

heyya girl, still remember me, the one selling books? randomly found ur blog when i typed awakening for Jesus in google search...
Btw, I'm juz wondering, which college are u from? coz my collegemate also gotta draw cells!!!

sabrina chng said...

Hey there,Yea I do remember you!Nice to meet you,see ya around!