Thursday, July 31, 2008

All most there....

Yeah,my room almost done with the re-deco.Super tire,and exhausted can't imagine if I have a bigger room.Last night was my first night sleeping with the new deco and paint,feeling bit weird because of the position and the style I've changed in my room.But I would say I simply LOVE it! I'll show a corner of my room color,not to expose too much.Haha.

All I need to say is thanks to mom because of spending time and money to make a difference in my room!I feel so satisfy with the color and everything.Of course,is God's grace too!Thank God for giving my energy to clean my room and all the things(i mean too many things).

While I'm cleaning my room..too many things I need to think twice to throw or not to.But one thing I found was my long ago diary,it was a nicely wrapped diary ,content of it was awesome too :) while I was flipping through reading one by one collecting memories.Sitting there thinking to keep or not to keep it,because there are few things in the diary I don't want to keep.Therefore,I dump into the rubbish bin.There is so many stuff that I do not like it anymore,I guess that is what people say while growing up alot of things changes too.Even your favor color,taste and thoughts.That doesn't mean I'm old k?!haha.

Every night I get into bed like a zombie,as if I didn't sleep for few days.

Today will be the last day of painting.Can't wait till everything is in place again.I will be happy and relax.Nevertheless,I'm satisfy with my holiday in Cameron,at least I've rest.It's all God's grace to give me a wonderful 4 weeks holiday.

thankful heart.


dot said...

and i'll be FIRST to see it tmr!!! :D

sabrina chng said...

sadly you are not the first one....lalala..haha.cause Leonard came last night (: