Tuesday, July 29, 2008

in progress....

After my 3days 2 nights in Cameron Highland,am back!I would say the accompany was good.I miss the crazy-ness :) After a relaxing weekend,here comes my first week of holiday painting my room,so many old stuff from my drawer that I need to think twice to throw or not to,cause too many memory that I wish to keep but too little place to be kept.Well,picture of Cameron will upload soon,too many to transfer because in 3 days time we took around 400 pictures.

This few days,I'll be busy with all the renovation of my room.Really tire,and I'm so frustrated when I need to replace all the furniture and to put back all the things.But thinking of the other side is a good way to clean my room,and to re-stored things that is much more usable.I found out that I've been wasting a lot of money buying unnecessary stuff so this is a warning to myself ;).Hopefully,the painting will finish soon,then I can get back to my daily routine.Thinking that next week I need to get back to college,I know is suckie but I need to prepare myself for MUET.

I know time flies like nobody business,then I'll go back to college.LONG semester,I hope subjects that I choose will be interesting. ;) am looking forward for photography class tho. In this holiday I want to meet up with my secondary friends.When I look back it's been 3years I haven seen them besides Chinese New Year.

Recently my blog has been too wordy,so here are some pictures from Cameron will update more real soon!

I love the supernatural God has created!

:the best friend!:

BOH plantation


HUGE pumpkin!

Ok,I'll end up my post with this lovely pic.Check out that the cactus looks like mickey mouse and heart shape!

I miss the time I spend with God.....


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