Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I got this news,that you are leaving I do not know what kind of reaction I should have.Leaving to further your studies,in Malacca(I know I know is not far) but it's still far that I won't see you in youth service, Sunday service and disciple class.I'm sure I'll miss you!Fist, thought came in was I went Taiwan with you and our relationship grow so fast,that we become Machi ( friend in Taiwan)I'm glad to have you around,petite you!I'm so worry that you will not be able to adapt to a new life in hostel,new mate and all kind of things. Oh yea,the other thing that make me miss you more,the time where you borrow me your shoulder..I'll miss that too!!!All the things that happen in a sudden changes again,it's time for us to do something big for God too. You came into my life,when I'm in critical moment and you encourages me with your love.You took care of me when I was sick in Taiwan,you do shopping with me too,AND the craziness cam whoring in the plan and crapping all the way to Taiwan=) all of our past has become the best memory to me.Thanks for everything.I love you dearie!! I never want to lost a friend like you.

God's calling,will lead you to a better path way.

our breakfast in Taiwan.

"Love river" in Taiwan,Kao Shiong

you are the best Machi!!!!*hugs*



Jaya One

Saturday farewell, I know I would cry like a baby again.I really don't know how to express my feeling on that day.The next day you are leaving and I did not prepare anything for you.So i decided,head to Malacca to meet you!=) PROMISE!!!I have so much to tell you tho.Anyhow,I pray that God will bring you to a better growing place,and mold you into a better person in Christ!!

Feelings that cannot replace with WORDS.

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shuchin said...

MACHI!!! was touched by every word in this blog.. tears alomost come out, but can't la, am in library now.. how are u?? i'm very fine here, lotz of seniors and roomates alwiz take care of me, and of coz our almighty father God too, so.. no worry ya^^v i still rmb the word 'efficient', kaka.. was practicing so hard to improve.. thanks for the nite in jaya.. ya, i know wat u mean feelings that cannot replace with words, me too.. infact we are crying during the photo section.. xD miss u la, machi.. aiyo, u hand me a box of chocolate ma, remember? i still haven't finish it.. okok, wait u here at malacca, tell me when u will come.. u muz aso take good care of urself, alwiz lean on God ya.. may God bless u abundantly and fill each of ur day wif joy.. hugsS~