Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last week was a blast, and a bang.....I had fun, hardworking time and the feeling satisfied with my project. Thank you Jesus for the bless week.

First I went So You Think You Can Dance. Supporting JDa.

Yue, Joy and me.

my love one.

*To JDa: I'm proud of you,being the top 10 and shining for God on stage with the talent He have gave you!Keep up the good work!*

after having fun....and here is the hardworking me (:



She is the best,group mate,thanks for helping me dearie. Thanks for giving me a hand,when I'm afraid of the DEAD bugs. (For your information: I'm really good at catching certain LIVELY bugs.)

finally,after 1month....

our exhibition booth

Chemmy and Dot (:

thank you tan mei mei!

For walking with me.

*love ya, muah~xoxox

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Leonard said...

Yo! So so Proud of you for all the hard works you've been through! hugs..lurvu so much ya! That day wasn't a easy day for you.. but with Jesus you've made it through again! keep it up! i noe you can do it! and of course i'll be here with you days and nigths! take care my dearest! hugs.. one more week then you can fly without wings! haha.. take care and im missing you already! cant wait to see you again!