Thursday, July 17, 2008

My finals are in less then one week, I've just started being Miss Nerd, yesterday.

I have my OB and BIO paper this semester. I've choose to start with BIO, while I was reading about common descent, according to Darwin's Theory he came out with a hypothesis that all organisms had descended from a single common ancestor in the distant past.And another small section which they stated, most scientific agree common decent is a scientific fact, and European believes that in Bible, first book Genesis stated God uses 6 days created organisms.

Genesis 1:1-31

While I was reading I paused, and my brain start spinning with question why some people still do not believe that God has created this Earth ages ago.Anyhow, not being an anthropology here. I would like t thank God for how much work He has been doing in this world. I was reading through Carmen blog's and I nearly burst into tears, knowing this second you are having a new heart beat,and the next second it's not there anymore, and I've see through she is a strong leader that face the fact, foremost she trust God, therefore she let go and let God!I'm so surprise, she was terrified.She is brave and she preach on Saturday about faith creates MIRACLES! Once again, I've learn to stand up! Pray Until Something Happen.


Saturday,night.Youth service,am serving as pianist. Till the end of the session. Caleb ask who wants faith? please come to the front and I want to pray for you all. I was crying, I want faith I want faith not physically but mentally. And this song came to me. Miracles are Real.

Sunday,I was all alone in service.I'm in a bad condition where, I've been crying so badly the night before. I once again,feel the sadness in me, I stood up and pray to God shower me with love where I can once again be strong and brave! When worship started,from the first song, I've been crying until another song came up with God's word fill me again.Thank you Jesus.

While Pastor were sharing, I was sitting there,with thoughts and question. Pastor were sharing about 5stage of spiritual life. At last, Ps asked which one you think you are in. I did not choose but I say I want the 4th stage that I'll have intimate relationship with God.Tears fall apart. God rise me up,put me in place rearrange my feelings,I clearly know what I want.I love you Jesus.

Till night,I went to visit my auntie the one that who is suffering cancer. She is growing in God's will, she never fail to spread gospel to all the patient and I'm glad she is optimistic! Before going home, we prayed for her, and the last one was me, she teared and she says that "thong, thank you!" with hers tears in her eye. My replied was not me but God. The importance of prayer in life, who blessed the needy ones.

Once night, I was lying on my bed.Vivid thoughts came through and I cried .Once again I stood up and pray to God and tell Him what came through my mind. When I got a call from this person, where this person sound so down I know something is wrong.This person,blurted out the problem, and I elaborated to this person what to do,making this person feel comfy.In the end of the call my last word was I love you,honey.

I know I've been a crying baby this few days, but the price I pay, I got back double and triple blessing from God.


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Leonard said...

yo! so sweet of you! thanks for always being with me throughout the ups and downs... Recently, i noe i've disappointed you for a number of times and i'm really really sorry bout that:) These days are quite, challenging and tough for me, but im really thank God that i've you in my life that always cheers me up with a little curve on your face;) thank you so much!! I believe that God is bringing us to another level in our life. Though it's tough but i'm sure it will be worthwhile! Pls take Good care of yourself ya...physically, i may not be with you all the time.. but one thing for sure is, you will always in my mind!

and my last word for this comment is...

I Love you Darling!