Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long time ago.

Today I'm glad that I have chance,catching lunch with my koko (brother).Not the one staying with me,but the one that always took care of me since form 1.And I know him since,form 1.Through a friend of mine,and he was the well known school basketball player,that every girls go ga-ga that is why until now there is still people being jealous.;)

Anyways,we get to catch lunch near my place,I haven seen him for long time but usually a call or text I'll receive from him.I'll never forget what has happen in between our sister&brother hood.You still care and love me the most,being your sister is my pleasure.Sent me around when I need your help.Now you've grown up,being the best business man earning loads of cash.ha.Keep up the good work!

From the topics we talk about proof that we've grown up so much.From gossiping,Jay Chou,and now about life and dreams.I feel so satisfy even we did not get to spend half a day,but few hours in a nice atmosphere lunch @Flavor.Splendid!Hope that your relationship will never fade till the end.You still care me the most,thank you so much!hugs!



allie said...

hey, sab! i need your help. i remember you own a Lomo, right? is it good? and where did you get it from... how much? thanks ya! cause i cant seem to find it anywhere cept online ):

sabrina chng said...

Hey,Yea I own a Lomo Diano4+.It depends on how much you love it,cause you need to develop the picture,and kind of expensive.Besides that getting the film a bit hard(depends on which Lomo),cause its analog.You need to have patient how to function it too(: It still depends on which Lomo you choose if is fish eye kinda expensive.Price I guess around few hundred,mine was a birthday present from Leonard.He got it from Folio,Sunway Pyramid.I saw they have it in Rooms (MV).Tell me if you own one,then we can figure out one day haha.Take care!

aster said...

hey~~ u r here! i'll link to you too ;D