Thursday, August 14, 2008

Appeared offline.

I can't think of anything to start my post,recently I was hanging on the phone for very long time and seriously need someone to talk to.I miss my best friend.I miss the time we've been together,I treasure every single moment I have with you,and keep your ears open to hear my problems.

How many times in your life you could actually find a true friend?I think I have a few good friends that I really appreciate them.Somehow,when everyone grows up thats when we need to focus on our future.In the mean time,I would have fall down and need someone to listen to me...instead of boyfriend we still need friends.Mentally I feel so tire,I've try all ways to gain back what we've gone through during the past,it seems hard for me now.I'm tire to do so.I've just realize I can't have trustworthy in you anymore because every time you fail me.I pray to God I said thank You Jesus,because you've gave me a good friend life goes on with so many zillions of people walked by my side,yet you've choose a few to stop by my side.Now I lost them,can I have them back?God has put a stronger faith in me.I went through being though.

I can's stand the eye contact I have with you because from my point of view the very close and warm look becomes like a stranger.Standing in the middle wondering,what do I need to do?"Sabrina,keep going on with life."Soft and tender voice.I feel so good.How many tears has been falling out from my eyes because of you.You've become so unreal to me,I'm worry the next time you say I'm sorry I can't accept it.Friendship is what God gave me,and all I need to do is grab it with faith.Do everything I can.But...........

I did my part,I did what I can.

I guess God has put another test in me,I decide to take the test.Before that I would say feelings all around,don ask me why,I DON'T KNOW!I need to be very clear what I'm doing,I need to keep her and myself in prayer.For God will strengthen me in all kinds of situation.

I mind if I've lost a best friend,but I don't mind how many best friend do I have.

Recently,I really thank God I have the chance,and time talking to my best friend.I don't understand why some people can easily be in situation but some people don't.Sometimes relationship might bring friendship far apart.Adding on,I don't see this thing happen between me and others but YOU.Why?

If the day comes,I have to be really close relatives with you I'm, afraid I can't handle well.BUT I promise God I will do my part without any regret of anything.It has came to a stage I'm afraid to see you or talk to you,I'll try my best.Jesus heal my soul and my spirit.

No matter what,I wholeheartedly wish you are doing fine.



Leonard said...

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." Thank you baby! thank you so much.. hugs.. thanks for always loving me as who i am. Hugs... tell you something! i'm really really proud of you my darling! i'm really touched by each of the word that you have written in this blog, and i know that God will heal you and He will mold you into a stronger person. As for me, i will always be right besides you no matter what and how! i will be there to support you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to walk with you, to swim with you, to swat with you, to eat with you.... and for most....

to spend my life with you:)

with luv,

ivy said...

Sabrina...pround of u ... so sorry for dint visit ur blog for few days d... err...quite busy.. but i dint 4 get u... i read ur blog n it touch me... wanna cry 4 u d girl... miss u... eh,cemburu bit lah me...u know y?because u hav a bf that always be there for u... happy for u...>.< pray that God will an wei u...i know he will..
u r very strong girl... u giv me this kind of feeling... ^^,
although i'm not really know what hapen that mwkes u down...but remember that i always will suport u~muakz

a sis that realy care 4 u,

sabrina chng said...

Hey dearie,Thanks for the stop by reading my post :) hugs!Miss you!