Wednesday, August 13, 2008

time flies.

Amber's birthday


Sakae,Bukit Tinggi Jusco

You guys might feel strange who is this girl called Amber, well let's start from how did I know her.nah,kidding too long to be typed.I met her at my secondary school volley ball court.I was once a volley ball player k.On top of that,it was because of a kitten near the court looks hungry so she was holding it, then I walk by I asked her is that hers kitten she say it looks pity, and i offered to buy milk for the kitten.And thats how we get to know each another.We became super close, some people and teachers even thought we were twins,we do shopping together,chasing star everywhere together,go concert together and the list goes on.6 years of friendship, truly appreciate.This year she turns 21st on 13Aug 2008, am really glad we manage to meet up for dinner together and have a great chat.

Keep your eyes open,see what's next......

FYI:Amber is a animal lover.

Start counting how many rabbits are there.

4baby rabbit and the mom.


did you lost count?

answer is there is 19 if them!!

To end up this post Happy 21st Birthday babe!

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