Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baking day.

I can't remember when did I start having interest to bake.Today is the second week,second day of my holiday.At last,I have the time to do some baking and share around with family and friends.Hopefully,they will love it ,so far feedbacks were GOOD!haha.

First of all,I went to get my ingredients...I always can't wait for the results.But I love the most is the mixing process,sadly I don't have a mixer so have to do it manually,I take it as hand exercise say bye bye to butterfly arms. ;)

see that red tall thing?is the paper for the muffin.see the amount of it?Doink me went to buy so many,but it's ok more chance to bake more!haha.

Dashing here and there in the kitchen make sure everything is on track,make sure I did not mix the wrong thing and lastly it's in the oven!haha.I always love standing in front of the oven keep checking and looking at the process.


This is the first batch,there is the 2nd one.Both taste good but not so black,cause of the temperature too heat,plus the time I leave too long.I learn from error and the second batch look nicer,but taste the same.

finger licking good.

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