Monday, August 4, 2008

Broken Heart

God knows me better then everyone on Earth.

Yesterday,I have a burden in my heart,silently pain like salt on a wound.I feel so irritated and pain.After service,I know God knows my heart,and saw my broken heart.I pray to God I told Him everything from my heart and God's healing falls upon me,I feel so thankful,when only God's know me,where human can't just help.I clearly know that God is near to me,keep me under His arm.

The Lord is close to the Broken

I know God is preparing me,to become a stronger person.These few days,I was thinking about my future thinking what should I do and what will I be when I grow up in the workplace.I shall leave it to God.

I know putting afford and patient,everything will be done and my cactus.

Last week the cactus flower did not open for 3 days usually it open in the morning and close at night,some of the flower shrinking, I was wondering why.Therefore,I keep trying to put it under the morning sun and water it,when my dad told me stop watering it,since it can live in the dessert meaning it does not need so many water.I don't care,I just want to do what I want,I strongly believe it will bloom one day wahahahahaha.I put time and afford to water it,I told my mom I have to talk to my cactus then it will grow nicer.I think it works.See the flower there?It's the first new one and there is another one blooming out.Happy me!Ive learn another lesson ;)

Another give from Korea...

thanks Carmen.


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