Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cameron trip

Sorry for the late post up,at last 3 camera get to combined.500++ in 3 days.So I've no idea how am I suppose to post up,I'll do it day by day.Hope you enjoy.

Eye begs.Eye begs.Early morning 8.45  bus to Cameron.5 of us.

Let me do a lil'introduction 3 city girl,and 1city boy.The other one,is the Kampung Boy.

Me and Yue

the couple.

the kampung Boy.

One hour later....snack time.

sleeping time for the couple.

toilet break.

Sab:Are we there yet?

Yue: Nope.


Yue:1 more hour to go.


FINALLY we are there!!

Filling tummy time....

Check in to our apartment.I like,because they have Astro that means entertainment.

The cam whore time begins here....

Chemmy &Yue

Sorry for the eye balls.I know is too big.lalalala...

after nap.....

Time for dinner!

before that we need to do a little bit of walking,I was asking why aren't we there yet?Thanks to Joseph.Bringing us to a "long-cut"way!When our tummy is calling.This staircase makes me think of Kung-Fu Panda.haha.

After,the long walking distance up the stairs.Ahh...nice view!

Beautiful Hibiscus!

wah,Cameron kuih!We decided to buy for our supper,when we haven have our dinner.the makan gang.

at last...we reach the restaurant.

nice place with nice food.


night,after dinner.Ah Yung(our chef) steaming kuih.

tv time!"Tong sam fong bo"

after watching tv.Me drive them to Starbucks.

hot chocolate,with cold weather.Ahhh..yummy...

When the night come,everyone goes coo-koo.Funny face session.






Up up the hill we go,stop at this random hotel.

I'm not that heavy,but...

I'm not strong too.

*check out the guy behind,with Joseph's help I still can't carry ah yung.haha*

max fun.

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