Thursday, August 7, 2008


Clock across China are counting down,11 hours to go,where every one in the world will be looking at the Chinese Nation.All attention on Beijing Olympic will launch the games of the XXIX Olympaid.I'm proud to be a Chinese,I know God has been working all these while.This is the time where China will show the nation a different perception of Chinese people.One world,One dream!

I definitely looking forward for this grand opening.I wont miss the chance.I wanted to buy air ticket to Beijing for this celebration,but since last year air ticket has been all booked and full.Somehow,I will be sitting at home,enjoying the joy of it (:

This is the "Fu Wa"

2005 I went to Hong Kong I saw this adorable mug.

The Nest.Modernistic buildings for the country's Olympics.

is an interesting story behind this Nest.I absolutely Love it!

We are ready.

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