Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I thought I was strong enough to take the pain,I think I still need some time to be strong.I'm glad I did my first step,stepping out if the box and doing something I feel comfortable.I know I have to work harder to be better and stronger.I'm really glad there are people who cares me.I love you guys!Of course,in the same time I need to complete a whole stack of task.Ok,I'll stop being emo here,let's talk a lil' bout my weekend.

Talking about task,i went to my first night class in BCM.I was looking forward to class on Monday,I enjoyed the class besides some elderly keep asking question that drags the class.If I were in college I think I'll be gossiping bout it.haha gossip is when you have a few friend that share the same opinion!!!!

Weekend was alright went to Ulu Yam or so called Batang Kali? well is one of it.I enjoyed the time there with my love one and my friends journey was short yet get to talk to the "handsome driver" haha.When we reach there weather was cool and chilling,I went to change my top and in the river I go ;) really icing freezing cold in there!Will upload the pictures when I have time..Anyhow,at last the BBQ turn up to be a romantic one under the rain.

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