Thursday, August 28, 2008

Full stop.

Now is the time to give a full stop.In every story there is starting,body and ending.I'm not sure where have I written.In between there is comma,exclamation and question mark.Now I choose to come to an end of my story with a full stop,I or you would not judge what is the ending but I would say it's almost perfect yet broken.Well,I still thank you for painting my life with colors and now I want to keep going on to the next chapter of life.

When I decided to make it an full stop,I need sometime tho.But last night thanks to L counseling session,he put me into position ask me a few question,i GUESS he have made it to become a successful counselor! I'm in love with my counselor!whooopsss.;)Nevertheless,I'm satisfy with my answer a 'FULL STOP'. When come talking about is it meaningful or painful,answer will be: worthwhile.I thank God having someone to talk to and God is pushing me higher and into another stage of maturity.

I know I've did my part,and God knows my heart too.I really appreciate people who encourage me with words and action.Thank you friends!! I know some of you guys have been wondering what's up with Sab she's been blogging about hers feeling lately.ha.Well this is my last post of being moody and emo,cause I've choose to come to an ending with a full stop!I'm free!

He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadow into the light. Job 12:22

I was going through a few picture of us,I see the happiness of best friend.I love the time,I kept all the best memory in my mind.Now I will put it aside in my small drawer,make sure it's safe and sound.Every single handmade gift to you is my pleasure.I will never forget the time I plan to do it for you and I don't care weather you like it or not I still made it cause it reveals the real heart of a friend to you.

Angles looking over me,I know I'll have someone better to care me and love me.Thanks for the day you've made for me and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you so much!

Ahhh......what can I say I feel fresh now,with all the sorrow in me for few months shoo come new Sab ;)Oh to add on this coming weekend is going to be fun fun fun!Can't wait for another short trip!Whoolalala....

*special thanks to my Love,thanks for the numberless of night talk and comfort.I know you've encourage me trough all this while,I know you've been praying for me.Thank you for everything!


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