Sunday, August 3, 2008


Second week of my holidays,I plan to cook for my family.Last night I went for last minute grocery shopping.Thanks to Leonard for the accompany.

Preparing time were tiring because I have to cut those ingredients,credits to Leonard and Melvin ;)

Man in the kitchen!


auntie from Klang

Spaghetti's  sauce...sausage,mushroom,chicken,and tomato...yum yum.

Before eating I forgot to take picture of my dishes,because everyone were I only have this...ta-da,"foodless" dish.

FYI:the aluminum is the dish for garlic bread:)

Dinner was full of laughter,after dinner dad open up a bottle of wine really nice wine.After the wine session everyone went crazy, dad aka DJ in the house,mom aka Emcee.Kids (us)aka audience all we need to do is keep clapping our hand.Aunt and cousin aka VIP,lil' clebration for my cousin,August baby.We end up romantic and rock and roll,dancing in the hall.Super funny.I laugh out of my lungs!For most, I had fun with me loved one.I would not hesitate to cook in future because I know I have the gene from my dad that I can COOK!haha~Well,I really love spending time sharing nice food with nice people(:

For my cooking skills,everyone said GOOD!*thumbs up*!Last but not least,thanks to auntie from Shah Alam (you know who you are) for the recipe.

hold my hand tighter when we have the second chance to dance again,because I love the feeling when you hold me close to you with the music!



umei said...

congrats dearie! i'm so proud of you. haha. i wanna hear all about it k?

Sabrina.C said...

No problem,I'll definitely tell you about it haha~Thanks to you!