Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life like an journalist.

I know I haven't been blogging recently,especially end of this month I'm busy with loads of work and pop-up exams,assignment. Well it's not coming to an end yet I'm still pilling up all the workloads although I'm having break now but still a lot to do.I will try to enjoy to the max ;) Let's see a bit of highlights through the end of September. I love Fridays, always looking forward to photography class of course the excitement of weekend in me too!

This time our field trip KL, Orchid park!

This field trip,to learn macro I did not know my camera can be so canggih with the macro function!

Mr Francis said I have the talent of taking landscape pictures.I found another talent in me.

Another mission to be accomplish, surprise the Dot while she's having hers lonely lunch at Mc.D

Happy 20th Birthday Dot!


This picture courtesy of Leonard when we were in Malacca when Dai Kor is sleeping after talking whole night long.

David's birthday on 24th Sept same goes to Jerry (Dai Kor)

have a blessed birthday ahead!May God bless you!

Last but not least Ivy is back for 2 weeks.

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