Friday, October 3, 2008

Raya Holiday

Usually Raya I do the same old thing since I'm young visit to Aunt Siti's house.I did not took any picture cause I was busy piggin' all the nice FOOD!After the Raya celebration in the morning,we had an family outing to Gotong Jaya for lunch, first time in my life jam from the bottom to the top!It was crazy, anyhow I manage to reach Gotong Jaya coincidently in the jam met my mom's close fried also her's son Man Keong(we know each another since 1year old, cause we have the same nanny!)and she want us to go Genting together we do not plan to go because of looking for parking and all the troublesome, be she is a platinum card holder meaning we have privilege from parking to food. We had dinner at somewhere special nice view of fireworks!

My camera mood swings again,please forgive for some picture.

me and Grace (if you wonder who she is, she is my 2nd brother's girlfriend.)

we went bowling.

I'm not a bowling player...(FYI:TT is me cause since young my nick name called thong thong)

Melvin got the highest!

Melvin teaching his gf how to play.

I'm quit good at it.

This is Man Keong (form 5)

went for bumper car!

L wasn't with me during Raya Holiday he went to PD .Anyways will get to catch up with you soon darling!

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