Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made in Heaven.

I made in Heaven too good to know when I'm a good brand where Jesus has made me and loves me so much.After the whole argument me and my best friend I think I shall reveal hers name Lea Yee. I had a hard time with her, we were so called TWINS unfortunately something happen between us it was bad like what you can see in my previous post.Really I gave up this friendship and I don like her I shall say I hate her!Things happen. I plan to start all over again without her in my life.

Last Saturday, Disciple class Caleb our Mentor he gave a short sharing,most of the time we were worshiping I feel that God's presence so strong and I know something is going to happen.I can't stand anymore I just want to kneel down and tell got how much I can't take it,I'm so sad that I push my highest prayer to God tell Him how do I feel deep inside me.After that I know I have to stop hating anyone,but to love them because life's to short to hate anyone. I know one day God wants to use us, we shall not leave any of satan's footstep to harm our relationship, we have the same burden to serve the young people. I really thank God that noon I've release in God's presence I believe is a new starting of life the hug and whisper in my ears of sorry make me cry even harder.Like what L has told me we need to meet someone that makes you discourage ,when you fall down and stand up again the power is stronger because we've learn something out of the box.That's true, in the mean time of hating her I've learn so many things,I fall down so many times without anyone help I try to stand up myself.Values that I can't buy with money.Thank YOU Jesus,L and people around me you know who you are:)

Where is this?

went for lunch,after that headed to OU for shopping.

I'm tire,but the talk at night was great thanks for being with me:)Love you to the max!

Anyhow.....lets shout out to Dot's birthday my SCB,I've made her a card this time.

Happy birthday Dot!

hope you'll love the lil'present I gave you.Muah*

Jesus loves you.

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dot said...

i loves the card! (altho it's still pixie-dust-ing me everytime i open it... :D
and yes! i got a lil dizzy.. so i stopped turning the card when i read it.. i just read it upside down :P
thanks gal for all the effort... cause dah la so hard for me to read... i believe it's harder for u to write!!!
i loves u!!!

1 more thing... there's this song that goes...
friends are friends forever...
if the Lord's the Lord of them...
and a friend will not say never...
cause the welcome will not end...
tho it's hard to let u go,
but in the Father's hands we know...
that a life time's not too long...
to live as friends!!!

no matter what has happened... we only get to have our friends as friends during this lifetime (there's not another lifetime anyways) so do cherish the memories u've had with her. remember the good and let go of the bad!
a life time is NEVER too long to live as friends ya! ;)
with God, i believe u will learn to forgive and love EVEN MORE! :)

love u! HUGS!!!