Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Autumn Celebration.

Looking for Lantern last Wednesday night,I needed a Lantern because am going to celebrate with my cellies!(combined cell SS2 & USJ) This year,I wanted to play Tang Lung aka Lantern badly but sadly I don't have kawan but I still have my church members. The celebration and feeling of MA lost,and I miss the time I have with my cousin.Really fun. People say when you get older you will miss your childhood time ,thats true! I miss the noisiness of people talking and yelling at each another.Looking back at those sweet time,I think I will never have it again. Anyhow,let's see what happen this year....

Friday with my cellies...

the moon on Friday night.

I've officially named my lantern


Preparing for the Tang Lung walk.

When big fish meet small fish.

Arrived, Taman Paramount.



Time to light up the garden!

Check out this lantern handmade!haha~CUTE!

my cute cell members....



Saturday...."Yue Lai Yue Young!" youth service!

Game session.

The youngster in action!

See the older no action!

I got this special one from L double balloon I wasn't in the game too EXTREME for me ;)

See the ganas people.


Carmen shared her experience of life + performance.

there is a session where they did a short drama. The story of "Chang Er and Hou Yi".Really funny!

the middle person in this picture, she is the FAT Change Er .I hope that I could download the video here and you'll know how crazy these youth can be!They really shine for Jesus!

Saturday I went swimming with L it was wonderful with the chat,soaking in the swimming pool for 2 hours.Bad for my skin.But I think is worthwhile get to chat with L every single lil tiny bitsy things in life.Besides that I haven't finish with my Mid Autumn celebration Sunday I went to his house for dinner and of course play tang lung,when we are ready to light up our tang lung it started to pour.Nevertheless, I have a great day when I'm with someone I love :)

Tang Lung.

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