Thursday, October 23, 2008

My next lens!

I haven't post any of my LOMO picture because of my wrong technique I used for the first time( my experience friend told me LOMO needed time to have good shots), it can't be develop sad to know that. This time I will try harder to have better shot and the right way to snap good pictures. Using a LOMO is not it's not easy whereas you need to be "GOOD friend" with it to know it better to take good shots! Well, before I went to LOMO's website I told L my next camera will be Fish Eye, it's much more expensive compare to others. Than I was scanning through the page, and this I saw :

Diana Len+ Fish eye!

Meaning I can just purchase the lens put it on my Diana than I can use it and take fish eye shots! I'm going save to buy this! God always put something nice for me :) Jesus loves me!I so gonna get this soon!

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