Saturday, October 25, 2008

When she needs a timer.

Recently mom uses a timer I know thats the sigh where my mommy is getting older. I have strange feeling when I see the timer, why does mommy need it when she still LOOKS young. Hmm....I shall remember mommy is getting older.What can I do? I guess to  forgive her forget-ness. I know it's really irritating when your mom start forgetting this and that, the worse part is where did she place your stuff! But I will learn to be someone who can forgive her weakness, one day I will have the same forget-ness in me when I'm old...I pray that Jesus will bless mom to be a wiser and stronger person.

I'm so blessed when I look back at all the time where she is working really hard,and she does not know how to read and speak a single word of Chinese. She put effort to learn how to speak I'm really touch with hers willingness because most of hers down-line up-line speaks in Mandarin. Working hard to achieve a high post, I know I need to learn from her take her as my model. I'm blessed, she's doing well now speaking fluent Mandarin with customer. God work through different situation! Thank God!

Last night I went to Issac's birthday, he ask for a birthday party but sadly his mom is in hospital taking care of his dad uncle Raymond that is suffering cancer.Hence, we've plan to throw him a birthday party after cell he looks so happy when we were there to celebrate with him. Looking at this lil boy I know one day he will be a strong and independent boy. Since the year I get in to church he doesn't talk to me at all, but he is so cute where I've try talking an playing with him but FAIL! When his sister ask who he wants to invite to his birthday party, I'm in his LIST! woohooo!!! Happy Sab! All I have to say is I'm glad to see his smile, although Uncle Raymond is not feeling well he still blessed Issac with a blessing prayer is something where you can't buy with money. Uncle Raymond join the party and start sharing his testimonial of how did he almost leave everyone behind and went to heaven with peace but one word he told his family I want to fight! That is where everyone start praying and the prayer won the battle!God is with him all this while, thank You Jesus!

When your elderly start mumbling about everything ,look back at the time where they keep repeating teaching you how to speak your first word.

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