Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is my desk calender, see how packed is it.Don't ask me why, because everything is coming to an ending like end of the semester, and end of the year. So many things to be accomplish I have to pass all the assignment by next month and prepare for finals, there are a few event in college few days back I will update soon. So much to do until I'm half explode, I can't believe it come to the highest point where I choose to sit down and do nothing. Somehow I manage to sit down and calm my feelings down write down things I need to accomplish thats where I stand up push my self to do all I can.

I wish to have a long holiday get out from the city, head to somewhere relaxing with no one. I can't express the exhausted me that every morning I wake up sudden with no reason and not the time I need to wake up. Restless. I guess I'm just too nervous about everything, I was talking to L I told him how much I don't like when people put me here and there like playing chess, I feel frustrated when there is no way for you to say yes or no BUT to do!

Anyhow, today is Saturday I shall say this is the worse weekend I have because I have to go for a walk-a-ton on Sunday morning EARLY in the morning.I should not complain la, since is for my photography class just do it and no more in future.

Update soon.....

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