Friday, October 10, 2008

Plan like A Planner.

When I'm young my ambition is to be a ballet teacher,but I cant reach any point to see my dream because mommy say she don't see any future in it ( no insult for those who have a dream to be a ballet teach or those who are already in the field). When you're parents do not agree with your dream it's hard to achieve.After SPM thinking what would I love to do in future seriously I don't have idea until I get to talk to a few people with experience in life.At last I make this decision to study communication(Public Relation) after studying somehow I find out why it does not match on what I have expected to learn, I told myself it's okay this is just theory, practical will only get to learn in the workplace or while I'm doing my internship. After doing a few research I find out I love planning party/ events as people who knows my dream is to be a wedding planner + side dream is to open a stationary and book shop ;) . My prayer is still the same may God grant me with creativity. I hope to be one that is famous in planning events.

Looking back at the dream I want to be a dancer and PR it's still something that fall in the same category Arts. I'm proud to say I'm not sad for I'm in Art class during secondary, nevertheless God has located me at the right place! Last time I feel shy to let anyone know I'm in Art class because Art class student are stated as the most "stupid" + "useless" student among school, who cares I score A for my Pendidikan Seni (Art). I always believe God have His own plan for me. I'm in love with my dream, for most having more interesting classes in college boost up my energy too! When the time comes, I will unleash my inner beast!

I've been catching this show from Mon- Fri  The Party Planner I really love that show David Tutera is someone who is creative,he is someone I would like to learn from!

God uses man in different way to get one step closer to your goal,thats why we do not complain on any situation. Although sometime I do complain a lot of how much I hate bout this and that, but whenever I come back to God presence I know He is with me and He will accept my apologies!Human do take things for granted, I know sometimes things that Bible have mention so many times we are not suppose to do so and so but human are still human still sin I feel so guilty whenever I sin. Jesus is so good to me where I would say He love every single soul that sin BUT come back to Him as for forgiveness.

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