Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are you Singaporean?

It's been a while I haven't been to KL at night, weekend I went Bukit Bintang with my love one main purpose to take picture for my photography journalism, besides that I need to shop for something (: Mission Accomplish "lah". The night atmosphere there, makes me feel so good and relaxing.

Along the way to Sg. Wang this live band called the Bonyari Band from Japan were performing, really cool with the natural instrument catches everyones attention who walk by. Me the Ke Po went to check out, I was amazed by the thing they used. With the nice music, I can't resist to dance with it;) !* okay la, I know nobody want to know what dance what flow la, let the pictures do the talking la ;) Welcome to MaLAHsia!

the couple.

night life in KL.

he & LOMO

------before the next picture------

this one really funny: Me & L "eh b, we act like we are tourist and ask picture from the polis IN English?

L: okok...

*walk towards them like really excited*

S: Can I have a picture with you?

*They agreed*





say Cheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeee.....

Well, there is a story behind the title for this post. Everywhere I go people will ask am I Singaporean, I went HK, Taiwan...few places even KL people still ask me this question. I guess it's either people don't know where is Malaysia or I have the KIASU face. lalalala......

The Boyari Band!!!!

Go you tube and check out how cool they are.You'll love them, because I do ;)

In all situation I love being with you, sitting next to the busy road eating Char kuey Tiao and Nin Yong pao oohhlala...Love it, I don't need expensive meal but a meal with you everywhere will do! Thanks for being with me, although I know how to cross the road myself, yet you still want to hold me. I love you!

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