Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Flow

Holiday! Yey, I mean yea short break meaning long weekend! Saturday after jamming, headed to Genting for the live show of Miss Astro Chinese pageant it wasn't an impromptu but the friend aka J and J tag along. Besides all that, I have a mission to accomplish, to cover the event as my hard news!Really thank God for everything! We reach Genting Arena all we can see are the fans are really crazy with all the banner, name it they got it.Let's not talk much let the picture do the talking and the flow of my weekend!

the boys

4 Kawan

We left before the show end, you should know why when I said that ;) But the accompany was great!

The Couple went shopping and this is what we've bought!

Fisheye 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love it! Thank you to my brother he got me this ;)

Hakka  Village @ Serdang

Jerry and Justin

Kath and Nick

Leonard and Wai Loon

After the delicious dinner, we went to Jerry and Justin place ahhh!!!!I love that place very relaxing and peaceful. With this puppies around all I wish is to stay there longer. There are 3 of them namely( temporary) strawberry, chocolate,and vanilla because their mommy name is Ice-Cream ;) so cute!I will have Golden Retriever as my future pet.

A splendid weekend with L, thank you for the time! I love you!

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