Thursday, November 27, 2008

The CopyCats

Hoorayyy!!! Thanks to people in COMM 332 especially those in our group Yue, Rueben, Sasha and Sern!You guys have done a great job,for our newspaper! If you are wondering what am I talking about,it is an assignment for our Writing For Media class it took us few months to finish. With the time limitation and hiccups in between we've manage to do it! Don't talk bout the editing for others and rushing them to finish work tho I feel guilty and I complain on how much I have to do for OTHERS yet I'v learn a great lesson, besides that I've learn how to use Illustrator and In design!Now I think I'm multi functional, somehow this is the grace of God who made me so smart ;) Special thanks to Yue for we have done a great job *thumbs up*, and we are always the best working partner,knowing when to lend a hand or a shoulder? Well, it's all about teamwork. I will love to show a few page of our work,but I guess not now for I need to study finals around the corner. Oh by the way, for the ONE who did not work hard in our group I wish to let YOU know, giving appreciation is really important or maybe your mommy forgot to teach you how to say a simple thank you? PLEASE learn to be thankful!

Throughout the whole semester, not mentioning finals God has send me a few angel in front my doorstep to rescue me! I love you Jesus!

I'm so happy after I drew the sketch and a lil touch up *"viola*! happy Sab! finally the Logo that me and Justin work out:


We LEAD,others to follow

Cool eh? Sorry we are not selling in town ;)

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yue said...

you're most welcome hun ;) it was total madness trying to put everything together but i'm really glad we did it. we rock! :D