Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wroking hard.

Counting down 2 weeks to go and I will be FREE!!!Not so easy in the meant time, assignment due dates are killing me pilling up with the chapters to study for FINALS!This semester,is the most worse semester dealing with HUMAN!!!I'm learning how to us Illustrator, photoshop,Picasa...somehow,learning new thing makes me feel freshing.Nevertheless, something makes me feel more fresh is having my love one with me ;)


With my darling



and the girl in the house, everything is ALRIGHT!;)

Please keep me in prayer.

I want to be.....



Thanks for giving me fully support,and thanks for being beside me when I need a shoulder to lean on.

I love you!


ivy said...

wow~so many nice picture girl... miss u here~ ^^,
take care o~

sabrina chng said...

Thank you,I miss you too! Do take care ya. God bless you!